The Gorgeous Vasa

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I’m kind of glad I didn’t visit this museum on my previous trips to Stockholm, because I don’t think I at a younger age would have appreciated it as much as it deserves to be. Actually, I have believed it would be overrated, and not my cup of tea – I mean boats are not my #1 interest. But boy was I wrong! Upon entering the exhibition (one room only) I was floored by the magnitude and details. The carvings is beyond impressive. And what’s cool is that there are several floors, kind of a gallery built around the back and sides of the wooden ship, so you get to see all the details up close. One thing you do need to remember is to not be discouraged by the huge line that might welcome you, because it moves quite quickly. And when you reach the entrance, tell the staff you’ll pay by debit card, and you’re directed to another line, and pass by the others.

Arrival can be a bit tricky. If you arrive by tram car, as I did, you’ll have to go through the park on your right, coming from the city centre. Keep slightly right inside the park, and hopefully you’ll arrive somewhat close to the entrance… If you arrive by ferry, I assume it will be a lot easier to find you way, as the museum is located on the waterfront. The walk from the ferry dock might be a bit longer though.


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  1. I guess it wouldn’t be my first choice, but that is what travel is about – surprising finds when you least expected them

    • You’ll have a great time! No, it’s in the part of Stockholm called Djurgården. You can take the ferry from the old town (an insanely queue when I was there this summer). I did the metro and tram car. Depending on where in the city you are, you can walk too. I think it’d be a nice stroll along the waterfront.

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