This Is How to Do Sushi Time in Tallinn!


I love sushi, and when it is as colorful and varied as this, it’s impossible for me  to say no! The only problem at Silk was what was on the menu – they have the biggest selection of items that I have ever seen! I would basically call the menu a booklet, and a pretty thick one at that. In the end my usual method of elimination was not an option. I realised quite quickly that I had to focus in on what kind of sushi I wanted (the one to the right in the pic is baked…), and then what flavours to get. In addition to exquisitely looking and tasting  food, the restaurant itself has a stylish interior, which we didn’t get to enjoy, as we decided to sit outside in the sun – Norwegians and Estonians are alike, as long as there are a few rays present, we’ll stay outside 🙂 The Silk we dined at is situated in the old town, but not to worry, it’s not the usual tourist trap. That said, on the money side it’s not a cheap place, but for one accustomed to pretty high prices in the motherland, I would call it fair, and highly recommend you go enjoy!



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  1. Sushi seems to become an international foods. My sushi in Tokyo is looking a little bit different from ones in abroad. Come and try Tokyo sushi some day.

    • I will definitely make it to Japan. I have a friend I met on one of my travels who is from Japan, and the food pics she shares on FB are amazing! Yes, I guess food always look different abroad than in its country of origin.

      • Thank you for the reply. I am living in Tokyo, but I’ve never tasted the Scandinavian foods here. I hope to taste your foods in your country some day. It must be my very big dream, because your country is the other side of the globe… Anyhow I will try it. Whenever you have a chance to come to Tokyo, I’m sue to guide you the reasonable and delicious real Sushi restaurant. 🙂

        • Scandi food isn’t as world famous as sushi, so you probably won’t find it outside these countries 🙂 It’s like pizza in Norway is very different from pizza in Italy 🙂 Sounds great!

          • We are importing lots of king salmons and other fishes from Norway. Also Nordic Ski is very popular for winter Olympic games. Japanese jumpers got medals at Nordic. I really hope to try your foods. When I find the Nordic restaurant in Tokyo, I will be sure to send you its picture with my comment. 😉

  2. We haven’t been to Tallinn yet, but I do love sushi, and it should be fresh since it’s right on the sea! We’ll keep this place in mind when we finally get there! Thanks for linking up with #wkendtravelinspiration!

  3. Hmmm! Tallinn doesnt not scream sushi to me but if you say this place is good, I believe you. I once had “sushi” in Oaxaca, Mexico and it was a terrible experience. The menu was varied but the place did not deliver in terms of flavor.

    • Ah, now I understand 🙂 In Norway variation is not huge, so just getting some other flavors and types than what I’m used to is a plus in my book… But I thought it tasted great as well. Just know you’re in CA with tons of places to choose from, I’m in Norway with a somewhat limited selection 😉

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