Lisbon’s Charming Alfama


OK, I’ll admit some might find the timeworn neighborhood less charming… But for me the tile covered houses, for which Portugal is known for, made me forget about the less nicely looking buildings around. And not to forget about the narrow, hilly streets – I’m always charmed by hilly streets! Which made for a fairly good workout too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides spending time people watching and strolling the streets with their cafes, restaurants and small shops, it was also a great way to get to St. George’s Castle at the top of the hill. Basically, two birds, one enjoyable stone!


0 thoughts on “Lisbon’s Charming Alfama

  1. I love tiles! Although I remember a comment by a polish girl I met in Andalucia who said “what’s the deal with all these tiles in every freaking architecture? we use them in our toilets!!” haha.

    Anyways, would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

  2. I’ll visit for the tiles too. Sometimes, I enjoy places that do not necessarily appeal to other people.

  3. I have heard great things about this part of Portugal. I love wandering the streets of a city. Great pic of the two elderly men playing cards! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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