The Jewel of Bombay in Auckland


This is the best butter chicken I have ever had! Okay, I’ve not had that many :), but this was definitely yummy! This branch of Jewel of Bombay is quite far up on Queen Street. I bumped into it on my way back to my hotel. Otherwise I would probably not have run into it. It’s a small and simple space. Has 4 tables or so. Free Wi-Fi. Cheap. And best of all, when I asked about the different dishes, I was given a taste of them all before deciding which to get. That’s customer service! πŸ™‚


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    • Yes, super customer service πŸ™‚ I haven’t been too concerned about free wifi before, but have gotten more and more “addicted” to it, so always love a place with free wifi when hostel doesn’t have.

  1. That’s a good find! We’re lucky to have quite a few good Indian restaurants near us so I never really consider it when travelling (well, unless I was in India obviously!) #citytripping

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