A Quiet Sunday on St. Croix


You won’t get closer to home than on St. Croix, at least if you’re Scandinavian 🙂 This former Danish colony still has street names in Danish (and English), so also some of the historical sites, like Fort Christiansværn in Christiansted. The cruise ship I was on docked in Fredriksted, which didn’t have much to offer, so I hopped on a bus to the slightly bigger Christiansted, across the island. Don’t think many of the cruise passengers got off the ship, because there was hardly anyone in neither Fredriksted nor Christiansted. And as it was a Sunday, the locals were not out and about either. In sum, it felt like I had the whole town of Christiansted to myself. Perfect! Spent the day strolling the quiet streets, chilling with drinks in the neat harbour area. A couple of shops opened after a while, so I got my Crucian Hook Bracelet. Love!

If you decide to go to Christiansted by bus, for your return trip remember to get in line early, as it is a minibus and first come, first served.

Website: visitusvi.com/stcroix


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  1. Cool! I would have gotten out of the cruise too. I mean, there has to be something to do on the island. I will be happy walking the streets.

    • Thanks! Would have been even better without the people showing up at the end of it. Just my luck, on a day when barely no one was out and about 🙂 Yep, lovely colors!

    • It was so fun seeing all the Danish influences around me. Didn’t realise it was going to be that prevalent. To top it off with two Danish women walking out of a hotel 🙂

      • Lol I actually spoken with a full blooded Danish-Cruzan man and he told me there are special charter tours that leave from Denmark and do a tour of all the USVI so it’s common to see it. They care more about it than people in the USA do!

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