What to Do on a Rainy Day in Cardiff?

I guess scatter through the streets with your umbrella up… It was more or less pouring down, and not making our day trip from London a very good one 🙁 I can imagine it would be a nice place to go for a stroll on a sunny day, but with the rain coming down time was mostly spent indoors – at Cardiff Castle, a few cafes we saw on the way, and with dinner at Mermaid Quay (mermaidquay.co.uk) in Cardiff Bay (visitcardiffbay.info). The latter would also be a very nice place to spend a warm summer day. Will I visit the Welsh Dragon again? I would say 50/50… And if I do, I’d choose to look into what lies beyond Cardiff…

London – Cardiff – London were travelled by train. As I didn’t book the train tickets, I have no idea with which train company. We did 1st class, which was nice. Don’t know if it would have been much different from 2nd class though. And as if the rain hadn’t done enough “damage”, we were delayed due to flooding on the way back to London 🙁

Other things to do: Cardiff tips

Website: visitcardiff.com

Note: Photos are by Gareth James (#1) and me (#2).

Welsh Dragon


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  1. Cardiff castle looks stunning – so not a bad way to spend a rainy day. I have only been to Cardiff once and that was for a uni open day so I didn’t exactly see much of the city. Will have to pay it a proper visit sometime. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

    • Unfortunately, that room was the only nice thing at the castle, IMO… I guess I found Cardiff to be so-so. Most likely not going back, unless it is on my way to the Welsh countryside – which I might be looking to explore some day.

  2. What a shame it was raining for your visit. I don’t think you get a very good impression of anywhere when the weather is rubbish. We visited Cardiff as part of a longer trip around Wales and had a few nights in the city. The Dr Who Experience and Wales Millennium Centres are good tips for a rainy day #citytripping

  3. What a gorgeous photo from the castle – Cardiff is one UK city I’ve barely visited, although I’ve been to north Wales quite a bit over the years. I went for a university postgrad interview many years ago, and have the vaguest memories, certainly none of visiting the attractions so I think it deserves a bit more of my time too! #citytripping

    • That was the most, and probably only…, stunning room at the castle – I’ve seen my fair share of castles, so that might be unfair of me to say… I would like to explore the Welsh countryside, as I was not particularly impressed by Cardiff. I believe there must be more to this country than what I saw.

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