What Happens When James Bond and Aliens Are Your Claim to Fame?


Unfortunately, not so much 🙁 Arecibo Observatory is the world’s largest radio telescope, and known from movies like “GoldenEye”, and for being part of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). With that in mind I headed off into the Puerto Rican countryside, and met…no James Bond and no E.T… In a quick recap: After walking up a steep hill (from the parking lot), and watching a movie about the work they do, you are free to explore the inside exhibition area with lots of buttons to push and things to see (mostly suitable for children?), and the outside deck from where you can have a look at the radio telescope (most suitable for radio telescope fanatics?). My highlight of the day was getting there, driving through the lush landscape of the island, and lunching at a local seaside restaurant with the surf breaks rolling in, and surfers riding the waves (first time I’ve seen a surfer in action 🙂 ). OK, to be fair, there are a lot of research conducted at the observatory, so, yes, they have a lot more going on than being a backdrop for 007, and our eyes and ears for an alien invasion.

I visited the Arecibo Observatory on a day trip, with a tour company I can’t remember the name of. Sorry! A SUV with three tourists and a guide. Perfect!

Website: naic.edu


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  1. Ahhhh!!! I wish I knew you were going to Arecibo I could’ve pointed you in the direction of some really awesome caves to check out. I lived in Puerto Rico for a year it’s my specialty hehe. Thanks for following back by the way 🙂

    • I loved Puerto Rico! On my first stop I went for a stroll in the old town. Sunday. Quiet. Ahh! Second time I chilled at the beach watching a surf contest, with a nice breeze, a barbecue, on a Sunday. Double ahhh!! 🙂

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