Whitsunday Island’s Hill Inlet Is Just Breathtaking!


Yes, Hill Inlet on Whitsunday Island is jaw-dropping gorgeous!! I am so glad I didn’t miss out! I had a day to spare, and ended up doing this on a whim. Best choice! At the inlet we were let off the boat right on the amazing swirling sands. And after a walk along the beach, during which I spotted the cutest, blue, little crabs :), it was off into the rainforest. A fairly short, uphill walk (on a boarded path) later, we reached the lookout point, and the oh so stunning view!

I spent the day with the speedy Gonzales of the Whitsundays, a.k.a. Big Fury (magicwhitsundays.com), which is a rafting style boat that takes you around the islands in a super fun heartbeat, full speed ahead and fairly big waves 🙂 My fellow day trippers might have been a bit on the younger side, but 40-year-old me still had a lot of fun 🙂

PS! This trip included lunch at Whitehaven Beach and snorkelling at Dumbell Island. Nothing special, either of them.

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  1. I just saw your photo on #MondayEscapes – gorgeous!! And like you said, not manipulated..wow just stunning. Whitsunday Island looks like an amazing place :).

    • Thanks! And it was cool to wade/walk across the sands as well! The Whitsundays is definitely great! And unbelievably enough it wasn’t on my first Australia trip draft 🙂

    • I really liked the place! Only drawback in my eyes was that it is hard and expensive, and sometimes impossible, to get to the different islands. At least on your own. But it was a very nice start to my Oceania vacation, after many hours “on the road” (from Norway).

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