VIDEO: Fjellheisen in Tromsø: This Is Winter Wonderland!!


This was a “How could you not have done this before” kind of moment 🙂 I have been to Tromsø plenty of times, but have never gone on the cable car before, and I was actually floored by what I have missed out on all these years! The views during blue hour in the winter are nothing short of astonishing! And I imagine it’s just as nice in the summer with the midnight sun as the backdrop. It is a steep ticket price at approx. 20 USD (2014), but it was so worth the money! The cable car leaves very 30 min., and the ride itself is a short one. Atop the mountain you’ll find a couple of viewpoints and a cafe (also serving dinner).

Fjellheisen is on the mainland, on the other side of the sound, opposite of downtown Tromsø. And once again it pays to have a friend to crash with, as you get a private chauffeur 🙂 However, a taxi, bus or even walking will take you there.



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  1. AMAZING, truly winter wonderland, what a view!!
    It seems to be very high! I think I would be afraid, but I would definitely like to try. I can see it’s worth it!

    Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes 😀

    • It was incredible! It’s not that high, but you need to be ok with (old…?) cable car… A short ride though. So worth it! Just have to close your eyes for those few minutes it takes to get up and down. Or you can hike…

            • It sure does 🙂 If you’re a nature, scenery, remote places, outdoor kind of person, you’ll love Norway, and definitely the northern part, which I think is the most beautiful – I’m biased though 🙂 There’s a lot to choose from: Tromsø and Senja, Lapland and North Cape, Lofoten, Helgeland, Svalbard/Spitsbergen. Winters up there can be harsh (most likely), and summers can be cold and wet (sometimes feels like spring or fall). But if you get a warm, sunny summer there’s not much that can top the experience! Let me know if you need any help when researching your Norway trip, and I’ll help out as much as I can.

              • Thank you so much for these tips dear, and I will for sure contact you when I am planning my trip to Norway!!
                Svalbard has been on my bucket list since I first read about it on a airline magazine when flying to Sweden.
                I was thinking to spend 2 or 3 days in Oslo, then dead to Bergen and the surroundings. Of course I would love to go more to the North, but I don’t know if the time frame will allow me. But yes, any tips are very much appreciated 😀
                Thank you so much!!

                • First question is, what are your interests – I’m thinking 2-3 days in Oslo is too much… Your time will be better spent somewhere else. Bergen is very nice. Haven’t been much outside of Bergen, but I imagine it will be good. Just remember to bring an umbrella – it rains constantly. There is a tour called Norway in a Nutshell. I’ve heard it covers a lot (of the southern part), but is intensive. Norway is a stretched out country, so it takes time to travel between the different parts. How long will you be here for?

                  • Yes, so I’m guessing 2 days in Oslo is enough, that’s good so I can explore more of the country.
                    I plan to stay max one week in Norway, then Sweden for a few days only because I have been there before. I know, not much time to see it all, that’s why I am thinking of the itinerary. But I definitely want to visit Bergen 😀

                    • If you just want to walk around town, with nothing particular in mind you want to see or do, I’d say you’d cover that in one day. A second day to do parks, museums, neighborhoods etc you might discover while here. There’s a few interesting ones. Downtown Bergen is also done in one day. Not big, but beautiful. Have a cool cable car as well, two actually, but I think the one in town is the best. Don’t know when you’re coming, but you might want to consider taking the train from Oslo to Bergen, unless it’s in the winter… It’s gonna take a day, but then you get to see a lot of the countryside on the way. I bet you’ll find some nice day trips from Bergen as well. If you’re travelling to Stockholm, you might wanna check if you can go non-stop, so you don’t have to go via Oslo.

                    • That sounds perfect!!! Your tips certainly are going to help me a lot with the itinerary.
                      Yes, I was already planning on going from Oslo do Bergen by train, I hear the journey is beautiful! If I am going next year, we are going in July, so I think it should be ok 😀

                      Thank you sooooo much for the tips!! Maybe we can meet when I’m there 😀

                    • July is the busiest summer month in Norway. If you book train tickets and plane tickets well in advance, you’ll get great deals (very good deals actually). What you could do in Bergen though is get on Hurtigruten. A ship departs every day from Bergen. It stops at the smallest places on its way north. Go with the ship for a stop or two, spend the day or night, depending on when the southbound ship arrives/departs – stops for 15-30 min only every day. Locals use it as a passenger ferry. A stop or two is not expensive, and you get to see the coast, which is very beautiful. Would be great fun to meet up. Unfortunately I’m probably on vacation (looking at Zambia and South Africa 🙂 ), but let’s stay in touch, and meet if I’m in town.

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