Austrian National Library’s Beautiful State Hall

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This is a Vienna beauty that can be a bit hard to find, but is worth looking for! Hofburg, where the Austrian National Library and its State Hall (Prunksaal) is located, is a huge complex. Don’t know how many times I passed by the Spanish Riding School in search of this Baroque treasure πŸ™‚ And the best of all, there was hardly anyone there, which means perfect photo ops! Just remember to bring a good camera as the lighting makes it hard to get good photos with a point-and-shoot. I did find the entrance fee pretty expensive at 7 euros (2014), but as I had the whole place to myself :), I could see past that.


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  1. This place look gorgeous! I will like to visit. This is one of the things about Europe: places that serve an “ordinary: function (library, train station, city hall) are architectural masterpieces.

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