Barcelona’s Güell Park Is a Whimsical Wonder!


I guess you could say this was my Hansel and Gretel moment. The two houses at the park entrance I believe are as close as you can get to the fairy tale in real life. The Monumental Zone of the park is not particularly big, but the playful architecture of Antoni Gaudi is so impressive that it makes the park a massive attraction. In addition to the famous buildings there are, among other things, lovely sculptures, a huge terrace with nice views of the city, and two different kinds of colonnades – one of the traditional kind (as conventional as it is possible in the world of Gaudi), and one very remarkable, untraditional one.

The Güell Park is pretty big, so it would be wise to make sure that you enter from the front of the park, at the Monumental Zone, and not from the back of the park, as I ended up doing…


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0 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Güell Park Is a Whimsical Wonder!

  1. My dear Barcelona! I am from there but haven’t lived there for 11 years… I have been several times in Park Güell and never get tired of it. Thanks for sharing, it brings me nice memories!

  2. Ohhh I remember this place. Funny because I have been to Barcelona 3 times, but I went there only on the first time, and it was a looong time ago 😀
    I love all work of Gaudi, it’s stunning!

    Thank you joining #MondayEscapes

    • Me too! I’m one of those who usually don’t go back to places, unless I feel I didn’t get to do all I wanted to first time around… Barcelona is definitely nice, but I prefer Madrid. Somehow it feels more authentic, more Spanish…

  3. I love Park Guell! I missed it on my first visit to Barcelona, but on the second one it was on my list!! It’s so colorful!

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