I’m “Home”!


I have found my heaven on Earth! The Cook Islands, or more specifically, Aitutaki. I stayed in the teeny, tiny village of Ureia, which is just outside of Arutanga, the biggest village on the island, which in itself is so small and quiet, that I nearly missed it. On my walk to town, the people I met were smiling and waving hello as they passed by on their scooter. I felt like a local, like I was their next-door neighbor. The only evening I spent on Aitutaki, there was a food market on a meadow in Ureia – the guy working at the local food store told me. There were music, families, kids playing, food stalls with homemade dishes, and a couple of tourists. I got me some deep fried tuna, and I overheard that one of the ladies’ ceviche was known all over the island – unfortunately at that point I wasn’t digging ceviche 🙁 All I can say is my two days here were far from enough, and I sooo wanna, and will, go back!

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    • It’s definitely not the cheapest place I’ve been, but it’s doable if you’re willing to/ok with staying at fairly low-end places. It’s so beautiful that in hindsight I would have splurged and stayed longer and at mid-range hotels. Hope you get to go some day!

    • Anbefales på det sterkeste! Er sjelden jeg føler at jeg må tilbake, men det gjør jeg denne gangen. Men nå hadde jeg kort tid der… Rarotonga er flott den også, men mitt hjerte tilhører Aitutaki. Jeg forelsket meg helt i Polynesia! Mulig mange vil anbefale deg (som de gjorde meg) Fiji. Jeg møtte en jente fra Fiji, som sa at dersom du reiser dit, så må du reise en del innenlands før du finner paradis, mens på Cook-øyene finner du paradis rett utenfor stuedøren… Her words, not mine 🙂 Håper du tar turen!

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