The Lush Island of Dominica


This is my favorite Caribbean island! So far… In all fairness I’ve only been to six of them… For me the no. 1 attraction of Dominica is its green and mountainous terrain. I just loved driving through the lush landscape! The capital Roseau is far from the glitz and glamour you’ll find on other islands, but that is also what made me enjoy my time here. As I was on a cruise, I decided to go on a tour to get as much out of the day as possible. The tour I chose included a lookout point with views of Roseau and the harbour, the island’s botanical gardens, Trafalgar Falls, as well as a dip in a sulphur spring. We were also suppose to snorkel the bubbly Champagne Reef, but the water was too choppy. But we did go swimming in the freezing cold fresh water of the Titou Gorge. It’s safe to say it was refreshing :), and between that and the sulphur spring my skin became nice and soft! For the movie buffs Titou Gorge is also known as a “Pirates of the Caribbean” location. Although the tour packed a lot into the short time I had available, I wouldn’t say these were the most exciting stops. Maybe smart to look into other tours…

After doing a little research on tour companies, I decided to go with Levi and his Bumpiing Tours ( And I can highly recommend them for anyone visiting!



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  1. I am from the Caribbean and I think you have been to more islands than me (well, if you do not count really small islands and cays). Dominica seems the perfect place for nature and adventure. I hope to visit one day.

    • I have? Well, compared to a lot of the others on the cruise ship, I don’t come close 🙂 Which island are you from? I just love the Caribbean feel! Dominica was definitely for me. I do enjoy chilling on the beach as well, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised now a lot less than what I used to.

  2. Ahhh your article makes me wanna go back!!! So true, I was there in 2007!!! I loved it, it’s such a great island, a real gem!! I jumped into the natural pool where they shot the Pirates of the Caribbean…so, you could say I had a bath with Johnny Depp, right ;-D

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