North Cape Rules!


Even though I am from Arctic Norway, it took me years to finally get me and myself to what’s looked at as Europe’s northernmost point – the North Cape Plateau. And boy did I choose a good day to be there. The sun was shining from a blue sky! The views from the plateau/cliff were impeccable! What I had been told before leaving, was to expect less than great weather, even if it was during the summer – this is Northern Norway after all 🙂 The visitor’s centre is so-so… Food is pretty expensive, even for Norway. The film they show in the cinema is highly recommended though!

I drove from the island Senja (where I grew up) to North Cape. And the very long drive, which can be made in 12 hours, is in itself worth the trip, because the scenery along the way is magnificent! Highlights in my opinion are the views from the Kvænang Mountain, super flat Sennalandet and the more or less coastal stretch from Olderfjord to North Cape. Just look out for the reindeers on, and off, the road!




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    • The drive up there was so much nicer than I thought it was going to be. From where I grew up (Senja), it can be made in 12 hours, but you can fly into smaller airports farther north, and the drive will be shorter, depending on which airport you choose. You’ll see plenty of reindeer! At one point a herd blocked us in so we couldn’t drive. Just had to honk and hope they’d move at some point.

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