Gets the Job Done

What this hotel has going for it, is location and the sweetest housekeeper I have ever met. Sitting just a couple of blocks off the main street of Miraflores, Lima, it is within easy reach of all you need. Walking down the side street to the hotel also provides more of a local vibe, very different from the rest of the area. The place is kinda basic, and not much out of the ordinary. Felt quite dark too. But there was one light. The girl making sure my room was all nice and tidy and that I had all that I needed. Me not speaking Spanish and she not speaking English, she still went to lengths to get me to understand what she was asking, one evening by doing a towel dance to check if I needed new towels 🙂 A good laugh for the both of us.

Going to the airport I had the most peculiar experience, the taxi driver apparently enjoyed my company, a bit too much for my taste. Trying not to encourage him, and not be too rude, I did my best to fend off his advances. In the end he stopped at a gas station, came back with a gift, a pack of crackers. All with good intentions, I hope, but as I entered the airport, my brain reminded me that I wouldn’t want to be one of those “I didn’t know what I was carrying” type women I’ve seen in the news, so I threw it away. Upon boarding the plane I was picked out for a random drug swab test…, and, of course, I passed with flying colours 🙂


Note: Photo is from hotel’s website.


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