Super Breakfast Spot!

Most times I don’t pay for hotel breakfast. Instead I head off to look for other alternatives, cheaper and more fun. This time I found little Fleca Font, just as you enter the old town in Andorra la Vella. I’ve always been told to go for places filled withpeople, as a sign of a good spot, and this one was, filled with locals it appeared to be. A cozy place with pastries and sandwiches, and apparently also functioning as a bakery, as a man came in and left with a loaf of bread. As there were no menus and no indication as to what one might order, besides what’s in front of you, and a Spanish only speaking grandpa type, it was easier to ask for croissants and tea than try to tell him what I’d like on my sandwich. In other words big plus if you speak the language 🙂 When you leave, you walk up to the till and settle the bill. A busy, but still easy-going, vibe.

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  1. We love finding little breakfast spots like this. Much better and more memorable than generic eggs and toast at the hotel…and no doubt much cheaper!

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