A Nordic Relative

In some ways it felt like I hadn’t left home at all. The first thing I saw on my way to the hotel was a Norwegian bank. And it should continue, Norwegian grocery store and Swedish clothes shop, and I am not talking H&M 🙂 In that sense Riga turned out to be a letdown. But after leaving my hotel, and crossing one of the Daugava bridges I stumbled upon the city’s market day. What a treat! People dressed up in traditional clothes, putting on a show, and stalls with Latvian handicraft of different sorts, for me to buy 🙂 And handicraft is definitely the way to go shopping wise. Because besides that they don’t have much to spend money on. Like so many times before I enjoyed the old town the most. A nice place to go for a stroll, and where on my gallivanting I found this cozy bakery/cafe. Cake, tea, book and fireplace – heaven on a freezing day! I did pop by the new part as well. Not much to see I am afraid. Stumbled across a Russian “remnant”, a beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral, and the huuuuge Riga Central Market (rct.lv), which I didn’t find more exciting than it being way too huge… As the Baltics is know for its spa traditions, I definitely had to give it a try. After doing some research I found Kolonna Day Spa (kolonna.com/en/our-services/beauty-salons/kolonna-day-spa-sc-domina-shopping) to be the perfect alternative, or so I thought. Very cheap (compared to back home), but nothing more than that – look elsewhere!

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Website: liveriga.com

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  1. Market day in Riga sounds like something not to miss! I love exploring the historic parts of the places I visit too. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  2. Globalisation has its benefits but I guess unique travel experiences is not one of them! Thanks for joining #FarawayFiles

  3. The Baltic republics are places we have yet to touch and we sure would want to be in Riga some day, hopefully not with too many Norwegian or Swedish shops and banks! LOL

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