I Like Melbourne!!

What’s funny is that in the beginning I had a hard time getting a grip on Melbourne. But after staying a while I realised I really like the place. Just couldn’t put my finger on why. Guess it’s the vibe. Would say there’s not much to see, but great shopping – liked it so much better than Sydney – and a huge selection of food on display – I could eat all day long! A food favourite, and apparently everyone else’s for weekend brunch, Degraves Street and Campbell Arcade, brimful with plenty of small cafes and restaurants. So crammed that it proved difficult to find a table, and when I finally did we were all packed like sardines in a can. And for one who doesn’t like crowds, this time I didn’t mind… There’s also a lot of nice places to chill along Yarra Promenade and the river. Another cool spot is Federation Square. Like any other main town plaza where people gather and street artists entertain, but with really exceptional architecture. And deckchairs, scattered here and there. A nice place to lounge while waiting for a Melbournian I met in Beijing a couple of years earlier.

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Website: visitmelbourne.com

Note: Photos are by Donaldytong (#1) and me (#2).

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  1. My wife & I lived in Melbourne for five years, before moving to Sydney. We loved Melbourne, it was said in the 80’s (when we were there) that you could eat in a different restaurant every day and never repeat a visit. :-o)

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