Breakfast at Tonka

When breakfast is not included in your Bruges hotel room rate, and they charge 17 euros a day, you go hunting. Also I think eating out is a lot more fun. When you find something swell that is 🙂 After looking for a good while, I was starting to get disillusioned. Then I stumbled upon Tonka. Looked very quiet, two guests only, but they had what I wanted – pancakes! And so the story goes. A pancake with herbs, bacon and mushrooms. I’ll admit I was a bit suspicious of the dish when the plate was placed in front of me. Looked a little “pale”, but it was really good. It was a big portion, and I’m quickly full, but I couldn’t stop eating, so I devoured the whole thing 😀 Ditto extremely impressed by their tea service. Green tea with fresh mint and complementary panna cotta and chocolate. I like! The cafe itself is not particularly extravagant looks wise, but still very nice. Staff is attentive and welcoming. When the waiter saw I had pulled out a pill for a brewing headache, he wondered if I wanted a glass of tap water instead of hot tea to take with the medicine. Good idea 🙂


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