Much Ado About Nothing…


Up until then I had passed the United States Capitol several times on my wander around Washington D.C. I just hadn’t imagined it to be the colossal complex it turned out to be. Which I of course found out on the one day I was short on time 🙂 Because if you want to take a closer look inside this landmark, you are strongly recommended by the visitor centre to book a tour in advance. A good thing I discovered this a couple of days before – in fact a bit randomly as it didn’t hit me that that would be something I had to do – maybe it’s just me… It turned out crossing the grounds, from the front to the back of the building, took a lot longer than I thought it would, and I nearly missed my slot. Arriving (all stressed out) in this huge visitor centre (hall would be a better description) didn’t help the matter. With a little help from a security guard I found my way and showed up in time. But it turned out to be all for nothing, because the Capitol’s inside was a REAL downer! I guess sometimes it is about outward appearances and not inward significance… Well, in one way that is.



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    • Just a lot of hassle to get in, and then very little to see. On the tour you get access to the rotunda, which is basically the dome and some paintings, and the National Statuary Hall, which is a very non-impressive room with statues along the walls. And that’s it!

    • Yep, another one 🙂 When I started my blog I only highlighted the great experiences. After a while I figured I needed to let you in on the disappointments too, because there are a few along the way 🙂 Just not much to see inside, at least on the tour you can join – don’t think you can get inside in another way. Two rooms. The dome and the National Statuary Hall. Paintings, sculptures, the dome ceiling.

  1. It looks extraordinary from the outside and such an iconic building too. Such a shame you found it a disappointment. What was it about the inside that was so disappointing? Thanks for linking up with #citytripping.

    • It looks stunning from the outside! Inside it’s just not much to see, or much you are allowed to access. A couple of rooms. The rotunda, which has a dome and some paintings (seen more impressive rotundas elsewhere), and the National Statuary Hall, which is just a room with statues along the walls.

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