A Hacienda in the Galapagos Islands


Hotel Santa Fe is located a few minutes walk off the main street of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. And on the same side of town as the popular Tortuga Bay. As the hotel is in very quiet surroundings, an easily startled person might find it a little bit uncomfortable walking home in the dark… That said, I felt safe, as it is only a couple of blocks from Baltra Avenue. Upon arrival you pass through a closed gate and a swimming pool area before heading up stairs to your room – having trouble with stairs, this might not be the place for you… The hostess is also very accommodating, as I discovered when my money transfer didn’t go through, and PayPal became a friend in need. And not to forget, Santa Fe runs day tours too. I went on a couple and I was very happy with what I got. In my opinion the only downside would be the basic breakfast – included, so have it or not.

Website: santafegalapagos.com.ec/hotel

Note: Photo is from hotel’s website.

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