Don’t Miss Out on Stockholm’s Old Town!


Or Gamla stan as we call it πŸ™‚ This place I’ve been to more than a few times both during my childhood and later as an adult. And I’ve always enjoyed a stroll along this old neighborhood’s narrow streets and alleys, filled with timeworn houses, restaurants and cafes, small shops with handicraft and other curiosities, museums, churches, and also the royal castle. In recent years the main street has become more and more packed with tourists who want to enjoy this loveliness too, especially in the summertime. But not to worry, just step off into one of the side streets, and it becomes all nice and quiet, and you get to enjoy the place like it’s suppose to be enjoyed.


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  1. How lovely – I do like wandering around the Old Town in cities, especially with little cobbled streets. So far the closest I’ve come is Copenhagen but Stockholm is definitely on my list. #citytripping

  2. I’ve not been to Stockholm but would love to…really enjoy exploring the narrow side streets and historical parts of a new city. #citytripping

  3. Looks like a lovely part of town. I always head first to a town’s old part. It gives me an instant appreciation of a place. Not so good that you have to share this place with tons of people during summer.

    • It is! It’s different from the other colorful old towns around Europe, which adds to the charm! I guess it is on everyone’s must-see list when visiting Stockholm πŸ™‚

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