Mdina: Malta’s Fortified Former Capital, and Its Rabat


Mdina, which is placed smack on top of the island of Malta, is a peaceful and quiet place with narrow streets, tall walls towering over you, and a few open squares. A place that gave me a sandy, deserty feeling – because of the color of the buildings, I reckon 🙂 It’s a nice place to lazily stroll around, enjoy some beautiful buildings, and get away from the crowds elsewhere, but besides that, there’s not much to see and do… Outside of the walls of Mdina you’ll find the town of Rabat (suburb in old Arabic). Also a quiet place with narrow streets and small shops, from which I emerged with a filigree Maltese cross pendant necklace 🙂 In Rabat I headed down into one of the catacombs, that spread out underneath the streets. Not much to see here either, but the sheer size and complexity of it made me glad it was just a small portion of the vast system of tombs that was open to the public. Wouldn’t wanna get lost down there…

Getting to Mdina was an adventure in its own right 🙂 An adventure that included a local bus with a hole in the floor, and, due to the very bumpy ride, had no shock absorbers…? A good thing I was stuck on it with good-humored fellow travellers, who also came in handy when we found ourselves “in the middle of nowhere”, and started to wonder if we were at all on the right bus. It took about half an hour to get to Mdina from Sliema, but for some unknown reason it felt a lot longer…

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  1. A friend of mine spent about 10 days in Malta recently. I was following his journey thru Facebook. His photos were so great, just like yours. This is a place I definitely would like to explore one day.

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