No Peas at the Stately Balmoral

Or maybe I’m just not a princess :), because this is the best sleep I have ever gotten at a hotel! Getting out of the huge bed every morning was the worst thing about staying here… The Balmoral is centrally located, right on the main street of Edinburgh (Princes Street), and even though there is traffic all around, it was dead silent in my room. Well, I guess room is not the adequate description of what I stayed in, because lucky me got a suite with a living room, walk-in dressing room, bedroom, bathroom and a superb view of Arthur’s Seat! The hotel’s interior matches its grand exterior, breakfast service is like a top-notch restaurant, with both a menu of dishes to order and a buffet, and the concierge, who shook his head, smiling, every time I came in the front door with even more shopping bags, will always be my favorite 🙂


Note: Photo is by ozz13x.

0 thoughts on “No Peas at the Stately Balmoral

  1. Such a beautiful hotel! We went for a drink there when I visited the city but staying at the hotel looks like a fabulous experience. Great location – your suite sounds amazing! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  2. Looks amazing! Sometimes, I wonder where they got hotel’s beds. Some of them are so comfy. You feel like not going out at all.

  3. It’s such a majestic hotel isn’t it – I’ve never stayed (sadly) but I can imagine how luxurious it is inside, and wonderful views and location. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

    • These photos are from the hotel’s website. I didn’t stay in that particular suite, but had a similar one. Don’t remember which floor I was on, but I’m thinking the 3rd. Just remember I had a great view of Arthur’s Seat from my bedroom. First, and, so far, last time in a 5 room suite 🙂

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